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INDIE: If you are an indie team of less than 6 people | STUDIO: If you are an Studio of more than 6 people ~ 100.000$ per year | COMPANY: If you are an Company team of more than 50 people ~ 200.000$ per year
INFO: Rigging & Skinning included in Standard & Premium Plan
PROMO SCREENSHOTS: Three promotional images taken directly in engine without watermark from a lighting scene PROMO VIDEO: One overview video taken directly in engine without watermark from a lighting scene
INFO: select if you want a faster delivery than those indicated in the various plans.
INFO: You can choose the "Ghost Developing" option if you want to use the commissioned character without having to credit the artist. if you choose to give credit to the artist, the artist's first and last name must appear in the credits of the work in which the product will be displayed as well as the stigma studios logo. - More details can be discussed at the time of the commission.
INFO: Highly recommended if you want to preserve the quality intended by the artist, settings on rigging, collisions, optimization LODs, Materials and more will be set.
INFO: You will have a lighting scene map inside the project that best highlights the character. Example here LINK
RESKIN: 3 Days, only the texture/material will be changed, the character model will not undergo any changes